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Licensed Massage Therapist
LoveLight PURE Quantum Healing Practitioner

Cori began her journey as a

licensed massage therapist in 2002.

In 2015 she was guided to begin

her spiritual work and training with LoveLight's PURE Healing and Illumination System.

Since her training with Cheryl Banfield

to incorporate the LoveLight

energy into her healing work,

Cori has witnessed profound experiences and transformations in her clients that far exceed anything she

experienced with traditional bodywork.

Cori offers a euphoric Divine experience during these powerful and unique sessions. She is honored to be bringing

through Divine light.

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LoveLight PURE Quantum Healing

Bodywork Sessions


$125 / 60 minutes or $175 / 90 minutes

Light healing is Divine light in alignment with one's own light.

Allowing a pure interaction with Divine energy for a

customized and optimal transformational healing experience.

LoveLight works directly with your own light body and your own physical/spiritual energy.

Light healing works on all levels of mind, body, spirit and soul for optimal healing and wellness.

During these profound light healing sessions your energy is opened, cleared,

healing and releasing deep energetic blocks of the mind, body, spirit and soul,

aligning and balancing your energy for greater flow and movement.

Sessions in the comfort of your own home are available, please reach out for pricing.

LoveLight's PURE Healing and Illumination System


LoveLight's PURE Healing and Illumination is a light healing system; a modality.

The LoveLight energy is high vibrational, healing and evolving energy, accessing pure Divine light. LoveLight works with the light centers of the Light Body, called Illuminas.

The Light Body allows our physical being to hold the high vibration of our spirit, our light, in a physical way. It supports you during energetic shifts and moves you through with more ease and grace. When working with your Light Body you are able to stay more grounded and aligned while blending with the higher vibration of your spirit.
















The diagram above shows part of your intricate Light Body: pictured are the

12 crystalline light centers known as Illuminas. Your Light Body is also made up of

light channels, quantum spaces, and mind access points. These light centers, like the chakras, can be used as tools for your spiritual growth and development.

These crystalline light centers hold your spiritual vibration in a physical way,

allowing us to access more of our own Divine energy like never before.

LoveLight aligns you in your own light.  It brings you into direct alignment with

Source, with Divine Light, for healing, growth, and expansion.

The LoveLight modality is pure, intricate, multidimensional, and is constantly evolving

with the higher vibrations that are always available to this Earth plane.

As each of us raises our vibration and consciousness through the

Light Body, vibrational shifts reverberate throughout the energetic connection of all, raising the vibration of all of us and Earth.

LoveLight Illumina Meditation

Come explore your new and evolving energy centers within your Light Body

and how they can bring you into your own energetic alignment by shifting your frequency!

You are invited to surrender during this warm and loving meditation, allowing a deep state of relaxation

for quieting matters of the mind, healing the body and soothing the soul.

You will be guided through each Illumina in the higher vibration of Divine energy. Your energy will be

aligned, balanced and supported in the higher vibration. Your energy will hold a higher vibration of light

allowing quicker healing, ease in raising your vibration, greater expansion of your energy

and accelerating your spiritual evolution.

Wear comfortable clothing, lay on a yoga mat, get cozy with a pillow, blanket, eye pillow, journal

and whatever else you may need!

Register below by selecting the date that you would like to join the meditation.

  • Multiple Dates
    Wed, Dec 13
    Dragonfly Wellness Center
    Dec 13, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Dragonfly Wellness Center, 176 Jackson Rd, Devens, MA 01434, USA
    Dec 13, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Dragonfly Wellness Center, 176 Jackson Rd, Devens, MA 01434, USA
    Explore your newly evolving Light Body in this class. This is BEYOND the chakras! Discover the unique and expansive light body structure and how it works. Learn about the elevated spiritual concepts that each Illumina holds for healing and evolving so that we may come into wholeness of self.
  • Multiple Dates
    Thu, Dec 21
    Dragonfly Wellness Center
    Dec 21, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Dragonfly Wellness Center, 176 Jackson Rd, Devens, MA 01434, USA
    Dec 21, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Dragonfly Wellness Center, 176 Jackson Rd, Devens, MA 01434, USA
    Explore your new and evolving light centers within your Light Body and how they can bring you into your own energetic alignment by shifting your frequency! Surrender during this warm and loving meditation, allowing a deep state of relaxation for evolving in your light.

The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body

The book gives detailed information on the structure and meaning of the light centers, how they can be used for spiritual evolvement, and their importance in our lives,

as well as to the Earth as a whole. The book itself

holds energy that raises your vibration as you read it.


The book is available for purchase at

Frequently Asked Questions


How is LoveLight Unique?

LoveLight’s PURE Healing & Illumination System is a light healing modality that works with

the Light Body. Our light body is in our light field, which is developing beyond our energy field.

Light healing is similar yet different than energy healing, as it works with Divine Light and

the light already held within the body, the light of our soul. Light healing allows us to receive

and hold more Divine light. Divine light miraculously heals and elevates our vibration

for mind body spirit and soul wellness and spiritual development.

  • Heightens connection with Spirit and Guides

  • Develops spiritual senses

  • Raises your vibration elevating life experiences

  • Escalates your Ascension process


  • Accelerates Mind, Body, Soul healing

  • Offers clarity and expansion of the Mind

  • Creates sense of inner peace, with spiritual flow

  • Releases stress, blocks, trauma, & past lives


What is a LoveLight session like?

These sessions are deeply relaxing, nurturing and embraced with loving energy.

Working with the energy of the light body, you will experience light, gentle touch

as specific areas of the head and body are gently held for shifting energy.

Divine Light is brought through for what is needed in the moment and in the highest benefit.

It is a peaceful and moving experience like no other.

How can LoveLight support me ?

LoveLight sessions can be very beneficial when we are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, life transitions, PTSD,  emotional triggers, resistance to change. Light Healing sessions can also support you in releasing old programming, limiting beliefs and trauma. When we experience trauma or painful emotional events our body holds on to that energy (consciously and or subconsciously) and we carry it around with us and it effects our behaviors,  perspectives and health. We have the ability to heal and release our deep core blocks so that we may

feel lighter and more peaceful within self. We can do this without experiencing it so heavy

again through higher vibrational healing. Light Healing works on a cellular level,

resolving and releasing the root cause held within all areas mind, body, spirit and soul.

Who can benefit from working with their own Light Body?

Anyone and everyone! By working with your own light body you are accessing and aligning with your own Divine Light. What does this mean? You will feel more balanced, aligned and calm in

your own energy. You will begin moving in a greater flow and experience less resistance.

You will open to the love of your Spirit and all that is within you. Experience more joy and

lightness in your being. Your Light Body is a very unique and powerful tool for you to heal,

grow and evolve yourself and others, through raising your vibration.

I usually prefer deep tissue work. How can LoveLight help to relax my tight muscles?

During the first 14 years of my practice I offered deep tissue work. I never felt that I could

fully release the root cause of tight muscles/knots and knew there was a different way.

Now, working with LoveLight, and offering more of a deep energy massage I witness

quick release and shifting of the body. The mind, body, spirit and soul hold energy that

may be blocking your ultimate flow and energetic movement. When energy is blocked or constricted , that is when we feel tension and muscle aches. By moving and healing your energy,

the perceived pain is released and resolved. This work has shown me you do not need to

apply pressure to receive profound and transformative results.

I see a chiropractor and massage therapist already.

How can LoveLight enhance the bodywork I'm already receiving?

LoveLight sessions compliment all types of bodywork. By opening, clearing,

healing, releasing, aligning and balancing your energy before other bodywork,

you are fully preparing your energy to easily receive the work being provided in its fullness.

Do you travel and offer group sessions?

Yes, I do! I am very flexible as I work with clients all over New England.

I see clients in the comforts of their own home, and also offer my healing  work during

group gatherings, bridal spa parties, wellness events and more.

Please reach out to let me know what your needs are and how I can support you!

How LoveLight Can Elevate the

Healing for the mind can include shifts into positive thinking, higher vibrational consciousness, expanded awareness, opening to new thought patterning and breaking free from limiting concepts.


Healing for the body can include a more relax state of the body, congruence in body systems,

optimizing energetic flow, better communication between organs, releasing resistance and

stuck energetic blocks, releasing trauma held in the body, accelerating repair, and increasing opportunity for full recovery from conditions, disease, and wounds.


Healing for the spirit can include continuance of body spirit relationship, raising one’s vibration in

a higher flow of divine energy, releasing past experiences and elevating self in new experiences.


Healing for the soul can include releasing past lives, coming into congruence with all experiences

in all planes and dimensions, soul recovery for wholeness in sense of self.


Favorite bodywork on the planet! Cori is a master at her craft. Something special happens in session.

I feel held in a cozy cocoon of loving, healing energy.

Often, insights and messages come to me.

I am somewhere sooo comfortable between worlds.

- Julie

The combination of therapeutic touch and

energy work is pure joy.

The relaxation I have achieved through Cori's

work stays with me for days and days. While she can address any issues you are having. I find giving her permission to feel what I need and go from there works best. Her spiritual insight and loving nature comes through her hands and into your being. What an experience!


A bodywork session 

by Cori is the

best gift of self-care

I have ever given myself.

Using LoveLight and her own incredible intuition, Cori knows exactly what your body, as well as your mind

and spirit, need.

I leave feeling refreshed, reset and reconnected to Source.


text or call: (207) 651-7969           email:

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