Cori began her journey as a

licensed massage therapist in 2002.

In 2015 she was guided to begin

her spiritual work and training with LoveLight Illuminations.

Since her training with Cheryl Banfield

to incorporate the LoveLight energy

into her massage work,

Cori has witnessed profound experiences and transformations

in her clients that far exceed

anything she experienced with traditional massage.

Cori offers a euphoric Divine experience with a deep energy massage

and gentle physical touch.

She is honored to be bringing through Divine light in these powerful and unique sessions. 


LoveLight Massage 122/60m or 177/90m

This is different than traditional massage as it has a light physical touch,

blending energy work with massage for optimal healing and wellness of mind, body and spirit.

During these profound light healing massages your energy is opened, cleared,

healing and releasing deep energetic blocks of the mind, body and spirit,

aligning and balancing your energy for greater flow and movement.


Favorite massage on the planet! Cori is a master at her craft. Something special happens in session.

I feel held in a cozy cocoon of loving, healing energy.

Often, insights and messages come to me.

I am somewhere sooo comfortable between worlds.

- Julie

The combination of therapeutic massage and energy work is pure joy. The relaxation I have achieved through Cori's work stays with me for days and days. While she can address any issues you are having. I find giving her permission to feel what I need and go from there works best. Her spiritual insight and loving nature comes through her hands and into your being. What an experience!


A massage by Cori is the best gift of self-care I have ever given myself. Using LoveLight and her own incredible intuition, Cori knows exactly what your body, as well as your mind and spirit, need. I leave feeling refreshed, reset and reconnected to Source.


Cori Goff LMT, LoveLight Massage

Trained with www.lovelightilluminations.com


(207) 651-7969 - info@infinitebliss.love

2 Storer Street, Lafayette Center - Suite 401, Kennebunk, Maine 04043