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LoveLight's PURE Healing and Illumination

LoveLight’s PURE Healing & Illumination is a light healing system; a modality. The LoveLight energy is high vibrational, healing and evolving energy, accessing pure Divine light. LoveLight works with the Light Body. LoveLight aligns you in your own light.  It brings you into direct alignment with Source, with Divine Light, for healing, growth, and expansion. The LoveLight modality is pure, intricate, multidimensional, and is constantly evolving with the higher vibrations that are always available to this Earth plane. Light healing is similar yet different than energy healing, as it works with Divine Light and the light already held within the body, the light of our soul. Light healing allows us to receive and hold more Divine light.

Divine light miraculously heals and elevates our vibration for mind body spirit and soul wellness and spiritual development, heightens connection with Spirit and Guides, develops spiritual senses, raises your vibration, elevating life experiences, escalates your ascension process, accelerates Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul healing, offers clarity and expansion of the Mind, creates sense of inner peace, with spiritual flow, releases stress, blocks, trauma, & past lives.

Please note: This modality is energetically accessing Divine Light and is not religious. Our work is holistic and inclusive of all.

How LoveLight Can Elevate the

Healing for the MIND can include shifts into positive thinking, higher vibrational consciousness,

expanded awareness, opening to new thought patterning and breaking free from limiting concepts.
Healing for the BODY can include a more relax state of the body, congruence in body systems,
optimizing energetic flow, better communication between organs, releasing resistance and
stuck energetic blocks, releasing trauma held in the body, accelerating repair, and increasing

opportunity for full recovery from conditions, disease, and wounds.
Healing for the SPIRIT can include continuance of body spirit relationship, raising one’s vibration in
a higher flow of divine energy, releasing past experiences and elevating self in new experiences.
Healing for the SOUL can include releasing past lives, coming into congruence with all experiences
in all planes and dimensions, soul recovery for wholeness in sense of self.

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