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Cori Goff, LMT 
is a LoveLight Practitioner
providing Light Body Education, Meditation Work and Personal Sessions

In 2015 Cori was guided by Mother Mary to begin her work and

training in LoveLight’s PURE Healing and Illumination  light system

with Cheryl Banfield at The LoveLight Center in Wells, ME.


Cori  works specifically with the Light Body and accesses LoveLight energy to move people into a higher vibrational experience,

to access more of their own divine light and evolve more quickly

into their Light Body, to align in who they truly are as a Divine Spirit.

She is honored to be bringing through Divine light in all her offerings, while working closely with the higher guidance from Mother Mary, Jesus and the Archangels.


This work is wholistic, non-religious and inclusive of all.

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