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LoveLight's PURE Quantum Healing


$55 / 30 minute     $110 / 60 minutes     $155 / 90 minutes

These sessions specifically work with the LoveLight system and the Light Body structure.

Divine light runs through the light centers of the Light body for alignment with one's own light
Light access points are worked with to bring light into the mind and body to allow shifting to occur in the higher vibration.

Light Healing works on all levels mind, body, spirit and soul for higher vibrational healing and evolving.

Location: Dragonfly Wellness Center in Devens, MA

LoveLight's PURE Light Massage

$125 / 60 minutes or $175 / 90 minutes

This is different than a traditional massage as it has a light physical touch blending energy work with massage for optimal healing and wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul. During this unique and powerful massage, your energy is opened, cleared, balanced and aligned for quicker release, accelerated healing, greater flow and move


Location: The LoveLight Center in Wells, ME


Call, Text or Email to schedule a LoveLight session

(207)651-7969  ~    

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