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The Light Body
Structure and Education

The Light Body allows our physical being to hold the high vibration of our spirit, our light, in a physical way. It supports you during energetic shifts and moves you through with more ease and grace. When working with your Light Body you are able to stay more grounded and aligned while blending with the higher vibration of your spirit.

The diagram above shows part of your intricate Light Body: pictured are the 12 crystalline light centers known as Illuminas. Your Light Body is also made up of light channels, quantum spaces, and mind light access points. These light centers, like the chakras, can be used as tools for your spiritual growth and development. These crystalline light centers hold your spiritual vibration in a physical way, allowing us to access more of our own Divine energy like never before. As each of us raises our vibration and consciousness through the

Light Body, vibrational shifts reverberate throughout the energetic connection of all, raising the vibration of all of us and Earth.

The importance of working with your Light Body

By working with your own light body you are accessing and aligning with your own Divine Light.

You will feel more balanced, aligned and calm in your own energy. You will begin moving in a greater flow and

experience less resistance. You will open to the love of your Spirit and all that is within you.  Experience more joy and

lightness in your being.  Your Light Body is a very unique and powerful tool for you to heal, grow and evolve yourself

and others, through raising your vibration.

The Illuminas: The Light Centers of The Light Body

The book gives detailed information

on the structure and meaning of the light centers, how they can be used for spiritual evolvement, and their importance in our lives, as well as to

the Earth as a whole. The book itself holds energy that raises your vibration as you read it.


The book is available for purchase at

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