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Client Testimonials

“Ah… pure bliss… immersion in the vast field of Divine love.  Cori created a wonderfully comfy cozy space for the experience of being held in the arms of the cosmos.”
- Grace

I have had the great fortune to have been able to experience several appointments with Cori, each have been transformative. Cori meets you where you are at and can take you on an expansive experience. It is unlike any type of bodywork or massage I have ever had. It is a transcendent experience, where Divine energy is channeled through Cori’s hands. Every appointment with Cori has been different, yet consistent in its profoundness. There is just wisdom, healing and incredible relaxation. Do yourself a favor and book with Cori. You will not regret it!
- Rosemary L.


I experienced a LoveLight session with Cori and I had an incredibly beautiful experience. I received healing and rejuvenating frequencies on a cellular level, profoundly clear and loving guidance from my guides, and felt a deep shift within my being. I very highly recommend booking a session with Cori!

- Emily M.

“Favorite healing session on the planet! Cori is a master at her craft. Something special happens in session. I feel held in a cozy cocoon of loving, healing energy. Often, insights and messages come. I am somewhere sooo comfortable between worlds.”
- Julie B.

"A LoveLight session with Cori is the best gift of self-care I have ever given myself. Using LoveLight and her own incredible intuition, Cori knows exactly what your body, as well as your mind and soul, needs. I leave feeling refreshed, reset, and reconnected to Source.”
- Anne D.

“LoveLight has provided me with gentle healing of my mind, body, and spirit. My entire being is able to relax and experience harmony in the divine oneness of my soul. I leave each LoveLight session feeling looser and healthier in my body and the healing continues for several days. I highly recommend LoveLight healing for ease in the mind, body, and spirit. It’s truly a divine healing experience.”
- Lauren T

"A LoveLight session is pure joy. The relaxation I have achieved through Cori's work stays with me for days and days. While she can address any issues you are having, I find giving her permission to feel what I need and go from there works best. Her spiritual insight and loving nature comes through her hands and into your being. What an experience!”
- Deb G.

"A LoveLight session with Cori relaxes your body and rejuvenates your spirit. Magical!"
- Marjorie S.

"I have experienced multiple LoveLight sessions with Cori and they have made a wonderful, positive adjustment in my energy and spirit!"
- Michael S.

"I recently had my first LoveLight session with Cori. It was wonderful! Her touch was gentle and deeply relaxing, and I felt supported in being in a more expansive connection with myself. I was deeply renewed and centered afterwards."

- Wendy W.


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